Lead generation: identifying potential customers and reaching out to them to introduce your products or services. Product demonstrations: demonstrating your products or services to potential customers and answering their questions.
Market research: conducting research to better understand the needs and preferences of your target market.
Sales presentations: delivering presentations to potential customers to persuade them to buy your products or services. Negotiating and closing deals: negotiating terms with potential customers and closing sales deals.
Customer relationship management: building and maintaining strong relationships with existing customers to increase customer loyalty and repeat business. After-sales support: providing support and assistance to customers after they have purchased your products or services.
Sales forecasting: forecasting future sales trends and setting sales goals.
Sales training: training new salespeople and helping them to improve their sales skills.
Sales reporting: preparing and presenting sales reports to management to help track progress and make informed decisions. It’s important to note that the specific services you offer as a salesperson may depend on the products or services you are selling, as well as your experience and areas of expertise.